The body massager has an LED battery indicator, if only one LED is left on, please charge it in time to prevent the machine from stopping during use
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It supports more than 4-6 hours using time, amazing product

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You should probably have a second person.

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Relieves muscle stiffness , tightness, soreness, knots
Prevents the build up of post exercise toxins
Activates the nervous system and muscles
Improves the overall health of the body’s soft tissues
Accelerates blood circulation and lymphatic flow

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If by hit you mean the massage head goes in and out then it hits, although it’s does vibrate since its percussive and has 5 speeds that determine how many RPMs the massage head moves.

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Yes it works very well on neck and foot.. Love it on the neck specially!

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Our primary goal, at Fujiiryoki USA, is to foster the physical well-being of our customers and to introduce quality products that will benefit each and every single customer's health.
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