Dr. Fuji FJ-800 IBIKE


We hope to see you among our customers, shaping your body and feeling happy about it.

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Product Description

For many of you and, definitely, for us, gym is more than just a place where we all exercise. This is a place where we gain strength, enjoyment, a place where we reach new achievements and shape the new and a better version of ourselves. We know what it feels like when you go to a gym after a hard working day, and what a pleasure it is to refocus on a different type of activity.

You must have met people who believe that working out in a gym may be replaced by using some gym equipment at home. But you know that it’s not an equal replacement. If you are working out properly, involving all types of exercises, you need almost all of the kinds of equipment accordingly.

There are so many reasons that make a gym almost a sacred place to most of us.

We share your love to it, which is why we started this online store 12 years ago. We’ve gathered everything you might need in the gym, starting from the biggest equipment to the smallest items. If you have a favorite brand, just filter your items and you’ll see it in the suggested products. The great news is we recently opened 7 new stores. Please check if there is one near you.

Not only we sell the gym equipment, but we also offer you the best clothing for working out. Your favorite brands which became your devoted friends during these exhausting hours are presented in the store. Flooring, accessories equipment, cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, exercise bikes, treadmills – this is not the full list of what is offered in this online store.

We hope to see you among our customers, shaping your body and feeling happy about it. Have a nice workout!


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